Connie Munk:  A Voice for Change

In February of 2019, something amazing happened for the very first time.  The legislature in Nevada finally reflected the population of our great country accurately and featured a body composed of slightly over 50% women.  A major milestone was met when the majority of the lawmakers elected were female – the first time this has ever happened in our nation’s history in  state.  


Newly elected Assemblywoman Connie Munk was honored to have been one of those women.


Born in South Dakota and raised between Wyoming and Oregon, Connie graduated from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, where she earned her associate degree.  She later transitioned to Montana State University to complete her bachelor’s, graduating magna cum laude.  Many people would be surprised to find out that Connie grew up hunting and fishing.  


She pursued many careers during her lifetime, including becoming a mental health professional, a small business owner, real estate agent, and a host of other varying positions in the financial industry.  All of these experiences would help prepare her for her position as Assemblywoman over District 4 in Nevada by making her knowledgeable regarding the budgeting process, appropriations, purchasing, and expenditures.  Having a working understanding of annual reports, loans, and stipends in different state departments has been a tremendous advantage, as well.  


Twenty-three years ago, while living in Oregon, Connie Munk was hired as an insurance agent by a man named Richard.  Unbeknownst to the two of them, they would later marry, jokingly referring to themselves as the “modern-day Brady Bunch”.  Each of them had three children who they would welcome into their happily blended family, and decades later, they are now the proud grandparents of six.  In the little down time that the couple has, they love to hike and camp, finding time to hike once or twice a month.  Connie consistently dedicates her early mornings to daily walks of anywhere from four to six miles!


After having been politically active in the past working for the campaigns of others – knocking on doors and making phone calls – Connie and her husband began working on her own campaign for Assemblywoman.  For a full seventeen months (seven days a week), they canvassed over twenty-four thousand homes.  They made good use of the selfless volunteers that were eager to help in their efforts.  


“I decided to run because I have been an advocate involved in campaigns before, helping to open doors in many capacities: voter registration coordinator, precinct chair, and the director of volunteers.  I feel that the knowledge that I gained from each candidate that I had supported helped me in my own campaign.”  Munk explains.  “Winning the seat as Assemblywoman is one of the biggest accomplishments I have achieved.”


In her position, Connie has attended many conferences to learn from other legislators from other states.  She has been appointed to ongoing statutory interim committees, also.  As a part of these committees, she will help advise them and offer bills during the next session.  Currently, she is serving on the Southern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board, the Nevada Youth Legislature, the Legislative Committee on Health Care, and the Committee to Study Costs of Prescription drugs.  She is also an alternate for the Interim Finance Committee.   Her term will last two years.  


Connie’s campaign slogan has been, “A Voice for Change.”  While she was garnering support for election, she made a point to knock on the doors of the public and ask what their concerns and issues were.  Connie was told over and over that no one had ever asked them these type of questions, and she was shocked to discover that most did not even know their representative’s name.  She spoke with teachers in her district and talked about the state of the schools, possible opportunities for raises for educators, and options for pre-kindergarten.  In this way, she strives to be the voice that helps bring attention to the necessary changes that need to be made in our state.  


When Richard and Connie Munk decided to retire in Las Vegas over five years ago, they did so for the same reasons many people often do – the fantastic weather, entertainment offerings, lack of state income tax, and the lower cost of housing.  However, after making this famous city her home, she now realizes that the best part of living here are the people.  Meeting great people and making genuine friends has helped to make Las Vegas a place that they can truly call home.  The love of those people and the compulsion to improve their lives are what make Assemblywoman Connie Munk the perfect choice to represent District 4.  


Connie Munk, earning your continued support in District 4!

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